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#LGBTDNC: Sen. Tammy Baldwin

#LGBTDNC: Sen. Tammy Baldwin

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is the first openly LGBT person to serve in the Senate.

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Gov. Rendell on Abstinence-only education

Some local news here at the PA breakfast, Gov. Rendell just mentioned that he will accept federal funding for abstinence-only education as long as it doesn’t interfere with other existing programs like Planned Parenthood. The funding is put up by the federal government as long as communities are willing to match it. It does not take away from any existing funding for organizations. Rendell said that accepting the funding would bring more money into the state and allow for greater education on the issue for those who believe in it.



What might be a precedent to the openness of the Obama-Biden campaign and the support towards the LGBT community, Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden said, when asked how he would vote if he were to cast a tie breaking Senate vote on ENDA:

“Yes, certainly I would.”

ENDA lost passage by one vote in 1996. It was the first and only time it was voted on. The Vice President serves as the tie breaking vote in the Senate.