Casey: “Bernie Sanders did a great job for our party and for our country”

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey addresses the Pennsylvania delegation breakfast July 26. Photo: Paige Cooperstein, Philadelphia Gay News

After a day of disruptions that looked ironic in the face of the “United Togeher” theme for the start of the Democratic National Convention, speakers at Tuesday’s Pennsylvania delegation breakfast bent over backwards to get the party to believe in unity.

“After today, there’s no such thing as Hillary folks or Bernie folks. We’re all together folks,” said Marcel Groen, chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

A Philadelphia-based whip for Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke, as did a Pittsburgh-based authorized representative for Hillary Clinton.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania even shared an endearing story of Sanders once donating to his campaign:

“Bernie and I were elected in 2006 together,” Casey said. “I remember driving across Pennsylvania in October of ’06, late in the campaign, when no one wants to give you money. I mean, you call your sisters or brothers and they’re like, ‘I’m done.’ Okay, nobody wants to give you money.

“My cell phone rang in the car, late October. It was Bernie Sanders. I didn’t even know him, never met him. I knew who he was, but I never met him. He just said, ‘Bob is this you?’ I said, ‘Yea.’ He said, ‘I’m sending you money. Bye.’

“Bernie did more than send money last night [when he spoke at the convention]. He delivered a powerful message, not just for Hillary and her candidacy, but validating so much of what we fight for as Democrats. We’re grateful for his words last night and his leadership in this campaign.”

Casey said Sanders “did a great job for our party and for our country.”


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