Protests outside, cheering inside 

The Democratic National Convention officially got underway Monday afternoon in Philadelphia.

PGN is inside Wells Fargo Center and will be bringing you updates here and on social media (@phillygaynews).

There are a significant number of protesters outside the stadium, assembled behind large fences near the AT&T Station. Many banged on the fence and chanted “Bernie” or “Hell no, DNC. We won’t vote for Hillary” as delegates and media passed.

Inside, it’s a much different atmosphere as many participants are carrying Clinton signs and chanting “Hillary.”

During Sanders’ speech today at the Convention Center, he urged supporters to vote for Clinton, eliciting boos from some.

Adrian Shanker, chair of the state party’s LGBT Caucus and a Sanders delegate, was there for the address.

“Bernie Sanders’ supporters are energetic, they’re activists, grassroots supporters. They want to see a revolution in the political process, political reform in the Democratic Party, the country and the world,” he said. “There are many supporters like myself who are ready to elect Hillary Clinton and there are some who have concerns. But me and a lot of people in the LGBT community are concerned about a Donald Trump presidency.”

Shanker said he was hopefully that Sanders’ speech tonight will convey to supporters the need to back Clinton.

“I’m hoping his speech will unify Bernie Sanders’ supporters behind the party, to make sure people know the difference between electing a Hillary Clinton and electing a Donald Trump.”


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