Last Breakfast

The PA delegation is having their last meeting this morning, to much fanfare after it was announced the state would be the first stop of the campaign. There are more television cameras here now than the floor of the convention floor.

Considering the security, I’d say the big man is going to show up in a few. Let’s see how well he deals with a more intimate crowd.

EDIT: It’s Biden. I guess the big O is in a sound check.

Rendell is talking about the close relationship between PA and Delaware. He’s a guy that cares about everything and wants things to be right for people.

And, because he was born in Scranton, PA, Rendell is yielding the floor to Sen. Bob Casey, fellow coal country native.

Casey’s big thing is Biden’s commitment to family. That was obviously a reason why Biden landed the nom. You can’t think up a picture perfect family, especially one that covers so many bases. Irish mother, son going into the military, grandkids holding up grandkids.

And they know it.

Biden just asked his wife if she wanted to give the speech. Obviously she declined but you can bet the family will be utilized tremendously.

He’s drawing up every Pennsylvania experience he’s had for this crowd. The reason he left PA? He lived in Scranton, same town as Bob Casey (Sr.), and thought Scranton could only afford one famous person. Kitchen counters, apple pie. American pie. That’s the theme of the next 60 days.

He made a joke about Obama’s age! He’s both an icebreaker and a jokester.

The one quote that matters to this delegation: “You’re gonna have a whole lot of me, because I’m coming home.” I think everyone here saw that one coming.

Rendell just gave him a pin with a donkey drinking a beer, roasting an elephant on a spittle. He said it was from Scranton.

A fun sidenote. It seems that as Biden makes his way through the 10 delegations he probably has to meet this morning, so do the two large American flags that were just behind him. One of the lesser known perks of running for Vice President. You get your own flag corps. =)

BREAKING. Jill Biden just said when asked if Biden had to cast a tie vote in the Senate on ENDA, “He’s already voted for it before, so I’m sure he’ll do it again.” Ms. Biden also said that she supports ENDA 100%.


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