LGBT Caucus Day 2

Here at round 2 of the LGBT caucus. We’ve moved up in the world – today’s room is bigger than Monday’s.

Mayor Gavin Newsom just came on stage. He’s sad at the recent passing of Del Martin, who founded the West Coast chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis along with her partner Phyllis Lyon. Del and Phyllis the first to get married when Mayor Newsom allowed gay marriage back in 2004, the test case for the CA Supreme Court along with 4,036 couples from 18 states and numerous countries.

Mayor Newsom is making the point that with Republicans, marriage is not safe. People need to
work together to make sure it doesn’t happen. Opponents will stop at nothing to get the FMA passed, and more importantly now Proposition 8. He got raucous applause as he left the podium.

Steve Hildebrand is up now, the 3rd in command of the Obama campaign (an interview with him is below this post). He’s certainly good at getting people enthused about the Obama campaign. He’s recounting a story he heard about a boy coming out to his mother today, and a semi-retired veteran who served in the military scared to death.

Steve is one of the ones who arranged for Michelle to appear at the luncheon yesterday, and like everybody in the campaign was too busy to attend. Luckily he knows what a success it was.

McCain voted to impeach Bill Clinton. He’s not a friend. Recounting the Clinton years and no more of the last 8. There’s no choice for us. 63 days. And the quote of the day:

“Barack is freaking smart.”

I think we all agree with that. Steve did a great job and is smiling a lot off the podium as he gets thanks from many people. Well deserved.

That was Steve’s first time speaking to a gay group as an openly gay man, and his first interview below.

I’m guessing either Hillary or Biden will be the special guest. Alan Cumming is here too but don’t think he’s the special guest.

I’ll find out. Hold on.

Howard Dean’s back up, giving advice on who to elect this fall.


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