Hottest Ticket In Town

Today being the roll call I guess all those people who didn’t care about any of the prior speakers or proceedings wanted to join in the fun. Tomorrow will be…nightmarish if tonight’s crowd and the fact that nobody has any idea are any indication. Getting through security has been relatively quick providing one has the proper credentials (that’s a whole other story…), but with the complete location change and the massive celebrity coming, I’m skeptical.

Melissa Etheridge is rocking out. God Bless America, Give Peace A Chance, Born In The USA right now. She is totally pumped! She’s leaving the crowd in the dust. Wow GREAT set and I’m not even a big fan.

Just came to the realization that this convention won’t have any balloons showering people at the end of the Presidential nominee’s speech. Unless they’re planning to launch them over the side of the stadium. Aww.

I wonder what the signs will say today. They’ve been very effective for the crowd but there must be more papercuts during this convention then…ever.

PA Rep. Pat Murphy just gave a rousing speech joined by soldiers. Pat served 2 years in Iraq before his nail-bitingly successful run for Congress. He’s got a lot of fans.

Madeleine Albright is speaking now. She said Denver was the city that welcomed her family when they fled Czechoslovakia. She commands respect better than most of the speakers here.


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