Hillary news from Gov. Rendell

Here at the PA delegation breakfast with some big Hillary news. Governor Rendell just announced that at 1:15 today Hillary Clinton will announce that she will be voting for Barack Obama at tonight’s convention proceedings, and is urging her delegates to do so as well.

Last night a huge party was thrown at Invesco Field for four states: NY, PA, NJ, and Florida. The East Club lounge was packed with delegates from each state and themed food, though the only recognizable item was the Philly Cheesesteak. Florida got fruit skewers with no special orange reference.

These four delegations were gifted by the DNC. The guests alone made it THE place to be last night. Around an intimate circle (considering the size of the crowd here), Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton, and a gubernatorial trio (Rendell, NY Gov. David Patterson, and NJ’s own Gov. Corzine) surprised everybody and stuck around after the requsite speeches to shake hands and take photos.

And besides the special guests, attendees were let out onto Invesco Field for a preview of Thursday night’s grand spectacular. If you haven’t seen our photos, Obama will certainly be making a Presidential entrance when he makes his acceptance speech.


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