For all of you who want Barack Obama in the White House, here you go. Barack Obama will accept the Democratic Nomination for President in a psuedo-White House set in the center of Invesco Field. He’ll make his grand entrance, walking out the White House doors, through the pillars into the garden, which will include more celebrities since the Clinton White House days. Oprah will have to restrain herself. I know people are saying it’s a Greek Temple…but it looks like the White House, no mistaking.



  1. I predict that this set will be one of the great mistakes of the Obama campaign. It doubles down on the caricature that the Republicans have been effectively using to undermine Obama’s credibility–he’s too arrogant, he’s a celebrity, he thinks he’s the messiah, he thinks he’s already president. This will be a Dukakis-in-a-tank moment x 1000. He couldn’t have done anything worse if he tried. Prepare yourselves for the sudden and humiliating collapse of the campaign of the first serious black presidential candidate in history. God help us all.

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