Biden, Bill, McCain and Bush

The Democrats just need to start calling John McCain George Bush from now own. It’s one mistake they can actually make multiple times and still win the election.

Biden looked great, but people were definitely more excited for Clinton part deux. It’s almost like they want to pretend it’s still the ’90s and things are going well. He’ll always be that symbol for so many.

And admittedly, as a young person I’m kind of excited that our presidential candidate can pull off saying “rock the house” sounding cool. It’s clearly obvious why people LOVE him. He’s a brilliant orator.

His was the only one whose spiel wasn’t aided by a Teleprompter.

Tomorrow will be magnificent if he just does what he did today. The 70,000 people will do the rest. I wish I knew someone who lived outside the city to see if they hear the cheering that will come from Invesco.


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