Barney’s being introduced now

Barney’s being introduced now.

Like Tammy I don’t think this crowd will ever tire of hearing his name. One of his questions when he first came out was if people were disappointed about him being gay. Of course there were both sides of the fence.

The group whose positions the parties are most divided on is the LGBT community. And another interesting tidbit from Barney, the Congressional Black Caucus has the best voting record of any group in Congress, even more then the gay members of Congress (the closeted ones at least).

He makes a good point. This has never been a better opportunity for the community to rid itself of all governmental discrimination. There has never been a better candidate. We’re on the verge of a historic breakthrough, when this country fights back to end LGBT discrimination.

The public is ready to help us, but it’s not self-executing. His thoughts seem to be that anybody who has something better to do then fight for Barack Obama is simply puzzling.

Another good talk. Looks like no special guest.

Dave Noble of the campaign is talking about getting out the vote. Things are winding down.


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