Linda Kettner

All the Obama staffers have disappeared.

Dean is still speaking, discussing Republican election tricks to suppress votes. They’ll be pulling tricks in all the swing districts. He’s telling people to gather people and vote early by going to the County Clerk’s office in every city. Good tip. There will undoubtedly be hours-long waits in some districts.

Along with Jared Polis, we’ve got another openly gay woman running for Congress, this time from South Carolina, Linda Kettner.

She’s talking about her experience campaigning in her district. She met a man in a Wal-Mart parking lot who said he’s going to vote for his first Democrat in 30 years. She asked him whether he would vote for Obama or Clinton, to which he replied, “Hell no, I’m voting for you. You’re the only one that’s gonna listen to me.”

She guesses he’s a Baptist, maybe a fundamentalist.

She’s a very charming, Southern-hospitality type of woman. I hope she wins in a blowout. She got her point across and with charisma. I’ll keep tabs on her.

Still no word about the special guest. The place is starting to empty. I hope they get here soon.


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