Barney’s starting his speech. Everybody is still amazed at our delegation. We’ve got more Congresspeople here than any other event. Looked like 10 when they all stood up.

No Democrat who voted against the marriage amendment was defeated in the last election cycle. 24 Congresspeople who did vote for the marriage amendment were defeated. Pretty cool.

Good point Barney just made. John McCain is less homophobic than Rick Santorum. That’s surely going to help his cause with this group. *chuckle*

McCain has never voted for anything to advance the LGBT community. And if he is elected, Roe v.
Wade gets thrown out the window. Obama ain’t perfect but anybody who cares about our future needs to cast their vote for him.

As it relates to us, when you ask the question “What would Jesus do?”, instead ask, “What would Cheney do?” And then do the opposite.

More recognition for all the out LGBT officials. And big recognition again for Jared Polis as the only
openly gay man to run and win a congressional race.

Tammy has a lot to be proud of. She’s talking about the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill and how Barney ran down the gavel at the close of the vote, the phenomenal prospects we have and how
easily they can be extinguished. She’ll be invaluable in the fall for sure. Seems to be completely optimistic.

Jared Polis is up. He thanked Harvey Milk and all the people who fought before we had all these fancy dinners and glamorous parties. A fair number of people stood up as being apart of that era that most people in the room have little clue about. He’s really into removing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And will be out there to make sure Colorado is delivered for Barack Obama.

(As much as Denver doesn’t seem the best physical place to host a convention, it was a politically smart move to come here and hopefully will swing blue in Nov.)

Joe Solmonese, head of HRC, just took the podium. His first real political job was with Barney Frank’s campaign. Since his watch, there have been 63 pro-choice candidates elected to the House.

He’s expanding on the Shepard hate-crimes bill and how it almost got derailed. Opponents went into the black community and all the churches telling people they couldn’t support the bill. Everybody was nervous for the outcome. Barney and Tammy delivered the vote to an overwhelming majority.

A common theme in this lunch everybody is bringing up is making congress the face of America. We’re getting there. One thing is for sure. The Democratic party definitely feels like the real thing. I can’t vouch for 40% minority delegates showing up at the Republican convention.

Michelle Obama is gracing us with her presence. I think everyone will be sticking around tip she gets here.


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