Future First Lady

Secret Service is all over. Barney is meandering all over and all the official people in the back are rubbing their hands together. Pins and needles for sure.

Barney and Tammy just introduced her. Looking great as usual. She switched the teal dress from last night for a cream-colored ensemble with a gold neckline.

Kind words for Tammy and her healthcare battles. She’s thrilled to be here on the anniversaries of both women’s suffrage and MLK. It’s been 39 years since Stonewall, but that’s 39 years of achievement for the community. More praise for Hillary – that’s her job this week. And mention of her children and husband. People love her. She has a commanding presence not just because of her position but her own doing. She’s got it.

She’s a mom first, as she said last night. Every time she sees a child her thoughts go back to her kids. Family is first.

Recounting her first encounter with Barack, he talked about the way the world as it is and the world as it should be. Now we need to make them one and the same. Sometimes we don’t strive for anything more because we don’t think we can do any better. I think she and her husband are proving it possible.

More of Barack’s backstory, culminating with him fighting DOMA and fighting the stigma of HIV. They got public HIV tests to displace the stigma surrounding it.

The world as it should be – everyone is free to live a life of dignity and freedom, access to education and healthcare, people are protected by the federal government, whose reputation has been restored around the world. America is ready for it, but it has to be about all of us. People have to take this beyond Denver. Person to person contact is what this campaign is about. We know how hard we have to work for change.

But we can do it, and impact the rest of the world in the process.

Nice speech…very similar to last night.


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