Denver Images

Flash back to 1969. Woman riding a bike wearing a tie-dyed shirt with a “Stop war” sign. Demonstrators walking up and down the 16th Street mall, the city’s main street and, it seems, like the only street. They have signs that say Peace, Love or Stop the war. Don’t they realize that they are preaching to the choir? It’s sort of a carnival atmosphere. Lot’s of peace signs, puppets and chanting…
Flash forward to 2008. About a mile away at the Pepsi Center you feel like you’re entering an armed compound. Security is very tight. But, the love and peace demonstrators get too close to the armed camp and it creates a security risk that results in a press security hold up of an hour and a half.
On the convention floor, we watch as workers feverishly work to complete the various sets. We even see CNN’s magic map and Howard Dean comes onstage to test the podium and sound.
It seems that we are everywhere. Even in the press swag bag, HRC equality stickers.
The Denver residents show real hospitality and wonder why we’re in Denver — and so do we.

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