Our platform, caucus and community

Setting up Rep. Baldwin, this Democratic Platform really is light years ahead of even 4 years ago. Baldwin mentioned earlier that looking back on these Platforms will be a great way to see our history and how far we’ve come. I agree.

Today is Caucus Chair Rick Stafford’s birthday. The hall just sang a nice rendition of the birthday song, just rewards for what he put together here.

30% of the LGBT caucus are minorities. It is a very mixed room here – great to see.

We’re now receiving a profile of the LGBT delegates – I think the diversity speaks for itself – 49 states and a delegation larger than all states but CA and NY. There are quite a few openly gay public officials in the crowd as well.

Oklahoma Rep. Al McAffrey being one of them. He opened with a Sally Kern reference of course, but made some good insights. Midwestern state governments are still an alien world for many of us, but he proved it’s possible anywhere.

Quick tidbit about the LGBT caucus. It was first recognized in 1984, but was removed and made “special interest” until 1996, and has expanded tremendously since then.

We’re so large, in fact, that some random pro-familylifefaith protester just walked out of here without even holding up her sign. Strength in numbers. Plus I doubt anyone here will be changing their mind.

More later. Tammy’s comin.’


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