Early Start

Just back from the National Stonewall Democrats Dinner, a fun little introduction to what will certainly be a battle-blazing week. Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius left early, but seemed genuinely happy to be there, doing her handshake and interview duty before she left. Her speech did seem to generate enough applause that the clinks of the forks and glasses couldn’t be heard one bit.

Ran into Keith Boykin who told us about all the outlets he’s doing commentary for. I lost count after the third or fourth but it was an impressive list.

Denise Simmons, the mayor of Cambridge, Mass., told a funny:

“One of my friends was so far in the closet, the person looked like a garment bag.”

Hopefully the first openly lesbian African-American mayor will inspire more garment bags to get with the times. Louis Vuitton is so much more fashionable.

Jarid Polis, newly elected congressman from Colorado, said that the only gay bar in his district closed a few years ago.

What? The first openly gay candidate for congress will serve a district with no watering hole? That’s actually amazing. Go suburbs. Funny how a district with zero urban area has elected a gay congressman. We REALLY ARE everywhere.

Keith Boykin delivered a cool keynote speech. Definitely, definitely, definitely exploit the fact that McCain doesn’t know how to use a computer. And he’s antigay. And he’s anti-woman. And he loves George Bush.


Everyone seems pumped up and ready to go. Tomorrow is when the real fun starts. A lot of people thought a city of 550,000 couldn’t host a Presidential Convention, much less one of this magnitude. We’ll see.


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